Clases de Español


Casa Hey-sol offers SPANISH LESSONS!

Visit us at the Gorgeous and sunny
sealine of Bahia de Caraquez.

Is there a better way to travel through Southamerica?
Learn to speak its mayor language!
Get to know it’s beautiful culture on site.
Let’s talk and joke in spanish,
let’s have a good time while drinking local coffee,
eating organic veggies, fresh meats and seafood.

We offer dinamic lessons, we want to take
the classic highschool experience and turn it upside down…
let’s cook latin food in spanish, let’s make art in spanish,
surf, learn permaculture, watch beautiful sunsets,
visit natural reserves, meet nice people,
let’s dance salsa while listening to latin classics.

We offer group & individual courses, either way, we don’t
intend on straining your capable brains,
we believe relaxed, enjoyable learning,
is the most significant and everlasting kind.

Do not hesitate, we want to hear from you!
Send us a message to our inbox for more details.

Our Spanish School includes:

A stay in our beautiul Hotel-Recicling Museum (Optional).
-Three exquisite latin meals everyday.
-Custom made Working Material.
-Bilingual and Trilingual Teachers (All Native Spanish Speakers)
-Dancing and Cooking Lessons.
-Social and Cultural Activities.
-Art Lessons.


Packages Shared Private
1 week  $    490.00  $    650.00
2 weeks  $    890.00  $ 1,200.00
3 weeks  $ 1,380.00  $ 1,790.00
4 weeks  $ 1,790.00  $ 2,390.00