Bahía’s Unbelievable Beauty

Magnificently clear views, spectacular brillient colors and the green flash of the Ecuadorian sunset await in Bahia de Caraquez.

Discover Pacific Life


Located on the Pacific Ocean, Bahia de Caraquez is in a dry tropical belt only about 60 miles wide, which prevents the high humidity felt in other tropical areas. The daily sea-land breeze pattern means that there’s almost always a pleasant breeze. In the area exists a special micro climate caused by the north and south currents meeting.

The rainy season consists of the months of October through May when the city averages an hour or two of light rain during the evenings. The average daytime temperature during these months is about 85F/24C degrees with moderate humidity.

June through November is considered the dry season in Ecuador. We have very low humidity and daytime temps near 80F/22C degrees. Many mornings are overcast and then after a few hours of sunshine the clouds and comfort return. You might even find yourself reaching for a light blanket at night, it’s great sleeping weather!



Unbelievable Beauty